Where Can I Build A Space Elevator?

How would a space elevator be built?

A space elevator as conventionally conceived would consist of a cable anchored on the ground and extending beyond geosynchronous orbit, some 42,000 kilometers (26,098 miles) above Earth.

Such a cable would have considerable mass.

The entire elevator would then be supported by centrifugal forces..

How much will it cost to build a space elevator?

Total cost of a privately funded Edwards’ Space Elevator A space elevator built according to the Edwards proposal is estimated to cost $6 billion.

How long would it take to ride a space elevator?

Travel on a space elevator would not be fast! The travel time from one end to the other would be several days to a month. To put the distance in perspective, if the climber moved at 300 km/hr (190 mph), it would take five days to reach geosynchronous orbit.

Why space elevator is not possible?

Historically, the main technical problem has been considered the ability of the cable to hold up, with tension, the weight of itself below any given point. The greatest tension on a space elevator cable is at the point of geostationary orbit, 35,786 km (22,236 mi) above the Earth’s equator.

How far up is space?

100 kilometersA common definition of space is known as the Kármán Line, an imaginary boundary 100 kilometers (62 miles) above mean sea level.

Would a space elevator slow the Earth rotation?

Each time you do that, you speed the Earth up, slightly. … According to their calc, about 10^14 tons, 100,000,000,000,000 tons – or about a billion US aircraft carriers in mass launched on the space elevator would slow the Earth’s spin down by 1 second. Earth’s mass is 10^21 tons approx.

Is it possible to build a space elevator?

NASA says the basic concept of a space elevator is sound, and researchers around the world are optimistic that one can be built. The Obayashi Corp., a global construction firm based in Tokyo, has said it will build one by 2050, and China wants to build one as soon as 2045.

Where is the best place to build a space elevator?

Edwards: The elevator can be placed anywhere within 20 degrees of the equator due to the dynamics, but the performance is best at the equator. As you get off the equator, the ribbon goes up at an angle and eventually is lying close to the ground and is unusable.

What is the point of a space elevator?

Space elevator, a concept for lifting mass out of Earth’s gravity well without using rockets in which an extremely strong cable extends from Earth’s surface to the height of geostationary orbit (35,786 km [22,236 miles]) or beyond.