What Does Funky Mean In English?

Is Funky a bad word?

Funky is not an exact word.

Funk meant a bad odor.

Funk can also mean being in a low mood: “Bobby was in a deep funk because things were not going well.” Funky, as it is used today, can also mean something nasty and foul smelling, or it can mean something very cool, rhythmic, and earthy, like funky music or fucky jazz..

What does funky mean in slang?

offbeat, unconventional or eccentric(US, slang) offbeat, unconventional or eccentric. (US, slang) Not quite right; of questionable quality; not appropriate to the context. (slang, UK, US) cool; great; excellent. Having or relating to the smell of funk.

What does punk mean?

1 : a usually petty gangster, hoodlum, or ruffian. 2a : punk rock. b : a punk rock musician. c : one who affects punk styles.

How do you dress funky?

Let us give you some tried and tested funky fashion tricks that can add swag to your aura.Wear Contrasting Colors: Avoid wearing the same colored shirt and pants. … Wear Unconventional Color Tones Combination: To uplift your funky fashion game, go for untraditional color combinations.More items…

What does funk you up mean?

8 Dec 2016. @odin0516: Bruno mars song uptown funk you up means the music is going to make you dance regardless cause it has a catchy beat uptown (hes refering to the street name) harlem ny (uptown) funk is a genre music that has soul example another genre would be motown another band bruno likes is the temptations.

Why is it called funk?

The word funk initially referred (and still refers) to a strong odor. It is originally derived from Latin “fumigare” (which means “to smoke”) via Old French “fungiere” and, in this sense, it was first documented in English in 1620.

What is the meaning of funky style?

funky adjective (FASHIONABLE) slang. fashionable in an unusual and noticeable way: She has some really funky clothes. Modern & fashionable.

What is another word for funky?

What is another word for funky?foetidUKfetidUSmalodorousranksmellystinkyfoulfrowstyfrowsyfrowzy232 more rows

What makes something funky?

Funk features strong bass lines, or music lines played by low-pitched instruments and has a heavy syncopated beat, meaning a beat with emphasis changed from strong beats to off beats and accents. Funk music also possesses a distinctive groove, or sense of rhythmic movement that makes you want to get up and dance.

What’s another word for Groovy?

Groovy Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for groovy?A-OKawesomechoiceclassiccoolcorkingcrackerjackcrackingdandydivine231 more rows

What is the meaning of funky girl?

A “funky girl” would be a young lady who was “cool” or “with it”. Basically, she would be someone that people would want to associate with.

What is the meaning of funky boy?

1 (of music) passionate, soulful; of or pertaining to funk. 2 authentic; earthy. (C20: from funk2, perhaps alluding to music that was smelly, that is, earthy (like the early blues))

Why is punk an insult?

Punk (n), “A worthless person.” Punk has had a long, sordid career as an insult in the English language. Shakespeare used it as an especially dirty word for prostitute in 1602. Eventually it came to mean young male prostitutes, particularly those paired up with seasoned railroad bums.

What is another word for punk?

What is another word for punk?bullygangstergoonhoodhooliganmobsterrowdyruffianthuggangbanger187 more rows

Is Punk a bad word?

A bad punk. See more words with the same meaning: insubordinate, disrespectful.

Who is the king of funk?

George Clinton’sGeorge Clinton’s name is synonymous with funk. The mastermind behind the supergroup Parliament-Funkadelic (now known as the P-Funk All Stars), Clinton released 19 albums from 1970 and 1981 that defined funk and kickstarted the Afrofuturist movement.