Quick Answer: Is For Honor Worth It 2020?

How many players does for honor have 2020?

For HonorMonthAvg.

PlayersPeak PlayersLast 30 Days5,555.213,358July 20204,727.310,060June 20204,004.49,750May 20203,462.95,25939 more rows.

Is for honor dead?

This game is totally dead on PS4. You have no chance to find a match in most gamemodes. The only modes that can be played are domination and breach with 2+ minute wait times.

Why did honor die?

For all the great things it did on launch, Ubisoft’s latest has hit a lot of bumpy roads on the way to where it is today, and has suffered because of it. A lot of the decisions Ubisoft made left players feeling cheated, and they took the game in a direction that was ultimately disappointing to watch unfold.

How many players play for honor on ps4?

Online multiplayer (2-8 players). A paid-for PlayStation Plus membership is required.

Despite the concerns over its p2p networking, For Honor attracted over 25,000 concurrent players on Steam during its first day, proving to be more popular than Rainbow Six Siege by a decent margin.

Is for honor still good?

The game is in no way perfect and the community can be toxic at times, but for honor is still an amazing game that I would highly recommend if you are willing to learn to play. It can be a bit tough to learn without a friend to help you. … For the most part though, any hero is viable as long as you know how to play them.

Is for honor Free 2020?

Starting Thursday, For Honor will have a free weekend on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and players can go ahead and load the game now. Ubisoft announced the free weekend for For Honor on the game’s Twitter on July, 22, 2020, with instructions on how to get involved going up on the For Honor corner of Ubisoft’s website.

How much does for honor cost?

The For Honor Starter Edition is only $14.99, compared to $59.99 for the standard version of the game. The only difference between the two is the number of heroes available when you install the game, and the cost to unlock more over time.

How many people play for honor right now?

7.5 millionDuring a financial report back in February, Ubisoft said For Honor has 7.5 million registered players, and 1 million monthly active users, though those numbers are spread across consoles, as well.

Will for honor be free?

For Honor will be free to download and play on Xbox One, PS4, and PC from July 23-26, giving players the chance to cross swords with Vikings, Samurai, Knights, and Wu Lin across a wide variety of battlefields and game modes. … For Honor is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Can I run it for honor?

Can my PC run For Honor? … Prevent poor game performance through meeting the minimum requirements of a Intel Core i3-550 or AMD Phenom II X4 955 CPU or surpass the recommended requirements of a Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD FX-6350 CPU for the true intended experience For Honor can offer.