Question: What Is Included In CPT Code 96372?

How do you code CPT injections?

Report each injection individually with CPT code 96372.

To substantiate the charges, nursing staff should document that the medication was administered in two injections and note the site of each injection..

What does CPT code 99211 mean?

CPT® code 99211 is defined by the 2011 CPT Standard Edition manual as: “Office or other outpatient visit for the evaluation and management of an established patient that may not require the presence of a physician. Usually, the presenting problem(s) are minimal.

What is a 59 modifier?

The CPT Manual defines modifier 59 as follows: “Distinct Procedural Service: Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary to indicate that a procedure or service was distinct or independent from other non-E/M services performed on the same day.

What does CPT code 96365 mean?

CPT® Code 96365 in section: Intravenous infusion, for therapy, prophylaxis, or diagnosis (specify substance or drug)

Can CPT code 96372 be billed twice?

The IM or SQ injection can be billed more than once or twice. If the drug is prepared and drawn up into two separate syringes and it is then administered in two individual injections in two distinct anatomic sites, you can bill two units of code 96372 (billing second unit with modifier 76).

Can you bill an injection with an office visit?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. It is true that an evaluation and management code, an E/M or office visit, can be reported with a minor procedure such as an injection, but only if the E/M is significant and separate and exceeds the “pre-service evaluation” that is inherent to the injection.

What does CPT code 96374 mean?

CPT® Code 96374 in section: Therapeutic, prophylactic, or diagnostic injection (specify substance or drug)

Can 96372 and 96374 be billed together?

Hydration is not allowed to reported concurrently with any other service. Do not report CPT code 96365, 96374, 96372 and 96360 together unless there are two or more IV sites for infusion or injection. We can code only one primary code based on the hierarchy in facility coding.

Can 99211 and 96372 be billed together?

With exception we can code Both together To repot 96372 with 99211, injection given without direct physician or other qualified healthcare professional supervision. append modifier 25 with injection code. Refer: CPT-2013, CPT code -96372.

Can modifier 59 be used twice?

If the 59 modifier is appended to either code, they will both be allowed on the claim separately. However, the 59 modifier should only be added if the two procedures are performed in distinctly separate 15 minute intervals.

Can CPT 20610 and 96372 be billed together?

In my experience, generally, the 96372 is bundled into an E/M code and is not separately payble. As far as the 20552 and 20610, there would be no need to put a 59 on the 20610. It has the higher RVU, so the 59 should go on the 20552, providing it truly is a separate procedure. You don’t need a 51 on either.

Can you bill a 99211 with injection?

One word of caution about 99211: You can’t bill for the administration of an injectable medication (90782) or for the administration of an immunization (90471, 90472) and a nursing visit at the same time. You can either bill for the 99211 plus the medications or bill for the injection plus the medications.

Can I bill 96372 with an office visit?

96372 is not a separately reimbursable service when billed with an office visit.

What does CPT code 96375 mean?

+96375—Therapeutic, prophylactic, or diagnostic injection (specify substance or drug); each additional sequential IV push of a new substance/drug (list separately in addition to code for primary procedure)

What is a 76 modifier?

Instructions. Used to indicate a procedure or service was repeated by the same physician or other qualified health care professional subsequent to the original procedure or service.

Does CPT 96372 require a modifier?

Answer: CPT code 96372… should be reported for each intramuscular (IM) injection performed. … Note that when reporting multiple injections for professional services, you should append modifier 59 Distinct procedural service to the second and subsequent units of 96372.

Can CPT 96372 be billed alone?

Each medically necessary injection can be billed separately, regardless of whether the injection is subsequent, or not for a new drug. … When the volume of an injected dose requires it to be split into two or more syringes, you may bill only a single unit of service for 96372.

How do you bill for infusion therapy?

When a patient receives a therapeutic infusion of a drug for one hour, coding professionals know to report CPT code 96365 (intra- venous infusion, for therapy, prophylaxis, or diagnosis [specify sub- stance or drug]; initial, up to 1 hour). That same patient receives an IV push of the same drug.