Question: What Do Soldiers Feel When They Kill?

Is it OK to kill in war?

In a war in which the involved parties have all openly declared hostilities, killing enemy soldiers on the battlefield is legal.

Since murder is illegal by definition, killing a soldier on the battlefield in a war can’t be murder..

Do soldiers count kills?

Every soldier counts. … Still, most soldiers do make an educated guess about the number of soldiers they might have killed. The difference between fighter pilots, infantrymen or snipers is only in the way they calculate their numbers.

Do soldiers fear death?

Soldiers don’t overcome their fear in combat. The one who is not afraid to die is a dead soldier. This fear is always with you, in every fight. It’s helps you to survive, because it makes you more careful.

How do soldiers overcome fear?

SEALs rid fear from their minds by practicing an upcoming mission until they feel naturally confident about it—until that unknown becomes, well, a little more known. They don’t lie to themselves about the risks, they simply put themselves in the best position to handle them, which inspires confidence.

Do soldiers get scared?

EVERY soldier is scared heading into any combat operation. Some may not admit it, but they all are. If they’ve been well trained, adrenaline will drive them forward instead of back, and their training will keep them doing what they’re supposed to do. … Just imagine being in combat a couple thousand years ago.

Do soldiers enjoy killing?

Not many of them ‘enjoy’ taking another person’s life but you learn to do what you have to do. In a war or conflict, on the battlefield, it’s either you kill him (the enemy) first, or he kills you – which is a great incentive to do your duty. Most soldiers don’t enjoy killing, although certainly there are some who do.

What do soldiers feel?

Soldiers are genuinely torn by the feelings of war — they desire raw revenge at times, though they wish they wanted a nobler justice; they feel pride and patriotism tinged with shame, complicity, betrayal and guilt.

What does the military do with dead enemies?

Western armies usually bury them and attempt to keep a list of their names as well. Of course not all their enemies have dog tags or other means of identification, but they do what they can. Burial of bodies is usually done for sanitary reasons as many diseases will spread from the dead.

How do you overcome fear of death?

Sometimes, even just talking about the anxiety can help a person to feel more in control of their fear. Exposure therapy works by helping a person face their fears. Instead of burying how they feel about death or not acknowledging their concerns, they are encouraged to be exposed to their fears.