Is Besides A Formal Word?

Is there a comma after besides?

Besides as an adverb, which modifies a verb, means also, as well as, or furthermore.

In this case, it is usually followed by a comma (,) but not always..

How do you spell beside?

prepositionby or at the side of; near: Sit down beside me.compared with: Beside him other writers seem amateurish.apart from; not connected with: beside the point; beside the question.

What can I say instead of besides?

What is another word for besides?tooalsofurthermoremoreoverfurtheradditionallyagainmorethenalong23 more rows

What’s another way to say even though?

What is another word for even though?howeverneverthelesshaving said thatin spite of thatnonethelessyetalthoughanywaynotwithstandingstill49 more rows

Which is or that is?

In a defining clause, use that. In non-defining clauses, use which. Remember, which is as disposable as a sandwich bag. If you can remove the clause without destroying the meaning of the sentence, the clause is nonessential and you can use which.

How do you use besides in a sentence?

Sentence ExamplesShe knows four hundred words besides numerous proper nouns.Besides, those are my animals.If only he would smile with something besides his eyes.What does he have that I don’t – besides money and good looks?Besides, she was as hungry as she was exhausted.

What is over in grammar?

over as ‘more than’ ‘Over’ is used as a preposition to mean ‘more than’:

Does Besides mean except?

BESIDES with an “s” at the end can also be used as a preposition, but it means “except” or “in addition to,” as in these examples: There’s no one here besides (= except) me. She wants to learn other languages besides (= in addition to) English and French.

Can we use besides and also in the same sentence?

Here’s an example, “Besides medical care, Shady Brooks also offers a free euthanasia program.” But I’ll bet that almost no one sees the problem with this sentence. … Besides medical care, Shady Brooks provides a free euthanasia program.” It makes me long for my very own euthanasia program.

Is besides correct grammar?

“Beside” is a preposition that means “close to” or “next to.” “Besides” is also a preposition that means “in addition to” or “apart from.” It’s can also serve as an adverb that means “furthermore” or “another thing.” Example: Come and sit beside me.

What is besides that?

Besides that” means “in addition to that”. You use it to refer to something after having mentioned it before, e.g. “She likes studying, but has other interests besides that.” where “that” refers to “studying”.

What can I use instead of due to?

Often, ‘because’ or ‘because of’ should be used instead. If you could substitute ‘attributable to’, ’caused by’ or ‘resulting from’ for ‘due to’ in your sentence, then you have probably used ‘due to’ correctly. It modifies nouns and is usually preceded by the verb ‘to be’ in one form or another.