Does Hiya Sell Your Data?

Is the Hiya app safe?

“While it is true that Hiya currently sends some basic device data to third party services upon opening the app (a standard industry practice in compliance with Apple’s guidelines), that does not and has never included phone numbers or any Personally Identifiable Information (PII),” the company said in a statement..

What is Hiya privacy policy?

Hiya, Inc. (“Hiya” or “We”) values your privacy. … Any access to and use of such linked Web sites is not governed by this Policy, but instead is governed by the privacy policies of those third party Web sites. We are not responsible for the information practices of such third party Web sites.

Does Hiya block private numbers?

We can only block an actual number. Private callers typically don’t have a number, because they’re sneaky sons of guns. Android has some cool features like block by area code, not in my contacts, etc., but at this time, we can’t provide that feature on iOS.

Is Hiya free on Samsung?

Samsung and Hiya have partnered to offer automatic call blocking on your Galaxy S9 and S9+. Hiya is a service that utilizes user feedback to identify spam callers. … Hiya is completely free to use and is well rated in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Why is a blocked number still calling me?

Blocked numbers are still coming through. There is a reason why for this, at least I believe this is the reason why. Spammers, use a spoof app that hides their actual number from your caller i.d. so when they call you and you block the number, your blocking a number that doesn’t exist.

Is Hiya free to use?

Hiya – Caller ID & Block The app is free, with no ads, and is extremely simple to use. It allows you to block calls, blacklist unwanted phone numbers and text messages, reverse phone search incoming call information and receive spam alerts. … The Hiya app is available for free on both Apple and Android gadgets.

How do I get rid of Hiya on my Samsung?

Hiya: Android UninstallGo to your phone’s Settings panel.Choose the App Manager.Tap Hiya.Tap the Uninstall button.

Does Hiya app cost money?

Right now, Hiya Premium is a subscription service on iOS only (We’re still working on our Android offering). We currently offer a monthly subscription for $2.99/month and a yearly subscription for only $14.99/year.

Are Hiya and Mr number the same?

Mr. Number is the premium version of Hiya. It has the same user capabilities to block fishy callers. You can choose to block a call, send it to voicemail, or have a warning pop up while the call is ongoing.

Is Mr number no longer free?

Mr. Number is now a Premium service only from Hiya. … For users interested in our current free services and app on Android devices, please use our other app, Hiya.

Who owns the Hiya app?

Alex AlgardHiya (company)TypePrivateIndustrySoftwareFounded2016HeadquartersSeattle, Washington, U.S.Key peopleAlex Algard (Founder, CEO) Kush Parikh (COO)2 more rows

Why is Hiya not blocking calls?

Why isn’t Hiya blocking spam calls after I subscribe to Premium? You will need to make sure and change your settings to block after subscribing to Premium. Go to the Setting tab in the bottom right corner then tap on “Call Settings.” Make sure to change Scam and Nuisance calls to block.

Should I answer vs Hiya?

Should I Answer is a top rated app that only runs on Android. Hiya is a more popular app that will run on iOS and Android. … No need to add another app to your phone if you aren’t in need of one. However, it’s likely that you are here because you are one of those that needs this sort of app.

What does Hiya do?

Download the Hiya app! Hiya identifies the calls you want to take and blocks the numbers and texts you want to avoid. Block calls, blacklist unwanted phone numbers, reverse phone search incoming call information and receive spam alerts.